Snow Falls Early in September

Once I dreamed about losing a pair of red shoes. I don’t usually get interested on red color, but in my dream I did. I was so angry and asked everybody I met with angry tone. It was hidden by a little kid. So I got mad at him. I yelled and asked him to give me those shoes back. He just starred at me. Grinned and said nothing.

I got back those red shoes. They were not the exact model, but they were the same red and the same size.

Another day, I dreamed about snow. Yes, even though I hate freezing weather, but I really fell in love with snow. The first time I saw it, happiness burst out. It was really a mood booster. And at that day, I dreamed that snow was falling early in September. It is quite impossible since it is the end of summer in Japan. I was so happy as if I would prance.

But everybody just live their life calmly as if it was normal. I ask everybody I met, “isn’t it marvelous that snow is falling in September in Japan?”. Most of them just shrugged. Maybe they thought, what’s so special about it. The other said “Last year was the same, I think.”

However, instead of wandering with my curiosity, I just played along with the snow.

It’s okay if nobody got excited with it. It’s alright if it was just me. As long as I could have fun with it. 🙂

And now I got my red shoes and played along with the snow early in September. 🙂


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