It has been so long since the last post, and even way more longer since I wrote the last post in english. And apparently, my english is getting worse, lol. Yeah, believe me, I wrote that word without laughing at all! :p So, few days ago I decided to write something in english. Since I don’t know what to write, I’ll just write about english itself. Uhm, let me make it general as ‘language’ v^^

Back to six months ago, I hardly believed that I pushed myself in communicating with Japanese people in japanese since I came. Not because I think their english is not good, maybe theoritically they far better than me, especially for grammar (my grammar is a suck!).  But, way more because I thought it’s a very irresponsible thing if I lived in a place yet didn’t know what people around me are saying about. It is me who come, it has to be me who tried to adapt.

However, I hardly say that my japanese is good enough. It is a long way to go even to compare with my ‘suck’ english. It’s not only because of the different letter, grammar, and (of  course) vocabularies, but also it has soooo many words even for one word in another language. So, honestly, I don’t know how long I can keep myself along with this new language yet still could improve my english. I won’t cross my fingers.

Okay, enough to this sounds-like-complaining-but-maybe-it-is post. Sorry, had a promise that I wouldn’t post any complain here, but I think it’s not that bad since I didn’t write it in my own language 😛


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