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AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final Match

I have been so unproductive lately. I also got nothing to do neither in office nor in campus, moreover in home. LOL. Because of that, last night I and friends decided to do pajama’s party. Instead of talking and gossiping like other girls, we chose to watch AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 final.  Actually, both of them don’t really like soccer. I do, but haven’t followed it from long-long time ago *lebay*. It was euphoria of winning in group that made us so interested of the match.

Honestly, I was a bit not really into national soccer issues. So many “wishy-washy” things and last time I watched, they put a suicide goal just because didn’t want to meet Thailand at the next step. That made me feel, they were not really into the match. They didn’t put all their heart to do their best. Yeah, I know, however I still have to support them. But it kind made me disappointed. It was 6-8 years ago (I forget the exact).

Besides, since I was a child, whenever I watch a match, almost all the time, the team whom I adored would get lost. I know it is not like that exactly. But honestly, it suggested me. Lately, I am trying not to believe it anymore. So, I chose to watch the match, whatever the suggestion in my head. I know, that win or lose, not related to what I thought.

Together with my friends, I watched the match. The match was Indonesia versus Malaysia, was held in Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan. Indonesia was playing very aggressive and offensive. But Malaysia had a very skillful goalkeeper and defender. So, it was still 0-0 in the first half match.

In the second half, Safee, Malaysian striker, put a goal on Indonesia. But, I could see that Indonesian player spirit got burned. They could win the match with 2-1.

However, AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 still been in Malaysia side. It was because of the 3-0 lost in the first leg. But, I’m still very proud of Indonesian player. They played so good in the second leg. I saw the spirit and they was playing through their heart. Thank you Gonzales, Firman, Irfan, BePe, Ridwan, Bustomi and the other, you’ve showed us a great match, we proud of you whatever the result. Thank you to Mr. Riedl. You’re a great coach! 


To many special things to talk about... =p

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